Squirrel AS315B  Lama

The Lama is the original 1000kg lifter regardless of altitude, designed for work in the Mountains and has been a proven performer the world over!


Squirrel AS350 B2 Helicopter

The B2 helicopter is a very versatile machine with a maximum lift capacity of 1000kg, the B2 is configured for all hook and spray capabilities.


Robinson R44 Raven II

The R44 is a great little machine and is configured for spraying and fertilizer operations, this is also a great helicopter for fence lines and pipe lines in difficult terrain.


All Helicopters are fitted with electronic digital flow readouts that are linked to the GPS unit for accurate spray delivery.

We use specialist low drift nozzles to keep the products on target where you want it!


Lakeview Helicopters can undertake all types of aerial spraying.