We provide a vast range of services with our Helicopters these include but are not limited to the following:

Forestry Services

  • Release Spraying
  • Desication Services
  • Dothistroma
  • Spot Spraying
  • Fire Fighting


All Forestry Spraying is flown from our custom built Truck helipads. We operate two Truck helipads with 10,000L capability and the ability to carry 4 * 1000L chemical Shuttles.

We use specialist low Drift Nozzle systems for accurate placement and prevention of off target drift giving you the peace of mind.

We only use the latest GPS technology and all pilots are trained to fly these systems accurately.




Lifting Services

With our fleet of Helicopters we are able to provide you with a lifting solution for your needs.

  • Fencelines
  • Water Lines
  • Tracks (Metal)
  • Concrete
  • Wind Towers
  • Water Tanks
  • Building materials


These are just a few examples of jobs we may have taken on in the past. The Helicopter is just another crane that is not limited by the surrounding terrain and access.


We have lifting capabilities up to 1400kg in the right conditions.



Fertilizer Application


Tell us what your requirements are and we have the solution!


Liquid Fertilizer

We can apply or even mix your desired fertilizer ready for application at our mixing plant.


Solid Fertilizer

We are able to fly on most solids in a bulk form. Once we receive the order the rest will happen letting you get on with the real farming!!


Slurry Application

Gone are the days of the local circus show that came along with mixing fertilizers into a slurry form for application.

At Lakeview Helicopters we have invested into a system that can process the fertilizer into a slurry on site quickly and efficiently, our patented bucket system allows us to get the product on the ground in a much faster way then spraying.



We are able to apply seed to hill country like never before!!!!! With our specialized equipment we will blend the seed into a mixture and apply this with our patented bucket system.

Mangatutu Mangatutu


Hydroseed in hill country Hawkes Bay