Health & Safety

Lakeview Helicopters provides services in the air transport, aerial application of fertiliser, agrichemicals and vertebrate toxic agents (VTA), as well as aerial fire-fighting operations. We are committed to constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all these aviation activities take place under an appropriate allocation of organisational resources, aimed at achieving the highest level of health and safety performance and meeting regulatory requirements, while delivering our services. We believe that every worker and visitor is entitled to a safe and healthy place to work or visit.


Lakeview Helicopters has a comprehensive Health and Safety policy in place and to date has an impeccable safety record.

Six-weekly to two-monthly safety meetings are held with staff and at these meetings staff are encouraged to participate in reviewing and updating safety policy and rules.


This company has a current legal liability policy for not less than $10,000,000 and firefighting contingency of $50,000.


All machinery, vehicles, trailers and auxiliary equipment are regularly maintained, fully licenced, registered and carries the appropriate insurance cover.

We are committed to ensuring our aviation activities and processes are carried out under the appropriate allocation of resources.

To assist us in achieving the highest level of health and safety performance while delivering our services, please provide some information about your space by completing the relevant fields below.