Fine Particle Fertiliser Application

Fine Particle Fertiliser Application

Gone are the days of the local circus show that came along with mixing fertilisers into a slurry form for application.

At Lakeview Helicopters, we have invested in a system that can process the fertiliser into a slurry on site quickly and efficiently, our patented bucket system allows us to get the product on the ground in a much faster way than spraying.

Limeplus Blends

Is a blend of Fine Lime plus minerals designed to your properties needs and applied in a slurry form with a unique and patented application system by helicopter primarily to hill country but also larger flat land properties, this system is capable of high volumes applied cost effectively. This approach can provide a generous amount of Calcium an element required for all life forms plus a range of minerals can be added in a form that promotes healthy plant growth and improves animal performance.

Fluidised Nitrogen

Our “pureNplus” Liquid Nitrogen blends are uniquely formulated to provide a stable soil friendly Nitrogen that promotes healthy plant growth for longer.
We formulate “pureNplus” blends to suit various pasture applications and crops
Premixed with 100% solubility for a “No Hassle” application. Can be tank mixed with most chemicals.


Soluble Humates

A high quality Soluble Potassium Humate derived from Leonardite with a minimal 80% water soluble, 10% Potassium K2O, 65% Humic Acid.

Benefits of applying Soluble Humates are:

1.    Promotes beneficial fungi (including VAM)
2.    Stabilises Nitrogen and improves N efficiency.
3.    Complexes Phosphate to reduce lockup (ideal with DAP/MAP).
4.    Natural chelating agent to help magnify nutrient absorption.
5.    Increases permeability of cells to increase nutrient uptake by up to 40%.
6.    Contains auxin like growth promotants.
7.    Can be used to detoxify chemicals and heavy metals.
8.    Has a CEC of 450, which aids in moisture and nutrient retention.
9.    Promotes better seed germination.
10.  Microbe friendly.