Lakeview Helicopters have many years’ experience in lifting timber, construction materials, concrete and metal into remote places that are inaccessible by any other means.

With Our Huey Helicopter we can lift up to 1700KG!!!

Our clients include the Department of Conservation, regional councils, local councils, farmers, builders and the construction industry. We are adaptable to the requirements of your project and will be able to assist you in planning a successful job. We are experienced in flying remote areas with worldwide experience such as New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and India, giving us a main point of difference. We have specialised equipment for all aspects of lifting with all this being regularly tested and checked.

Our JCB Loader is equipped with a load cell to accurately weigh loads and our AS350 B2 Squirrel is also equipped with a load cell to accurately weigh the load below and is capable of lifting up to 1 tonne on the hook.

  • Lifting Services
  • Precision Longline
  • Remote Hook
  • Power Poles
  • Metal Skips
  • Concrete Skips
  • Fence-lines
  • Timber
  • Hut Supply
  • Grease Trap
  • Firewood
  • Monsoon Bucket (Sluicing)
  • Water Tanks
  • Beehives


These are just a few examples of jobs we may have taken on in the past. The helicopter is just another crane that is not limited by the surrounding terrain and access.

We have lifting capabilities up to 1700kg in the right conditions.